dart scholar Madeleine Rowell

Madeleine Rowell

2014 Dart Scholar Alumnus
Stanford University, USA
Class of 2020
Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity

Madeleine spent the summer at Stanford Medical School where she worked with the Eating Disorder Research programme, focussing specifically on creating a free mobile-based treatment programme for those who don't have access to medical resources. She also volunteered with the Coalition of Clinical Social Workers where she helped set up a fellowship for persons who were formerly incarcerated and wish to pursue careers in social work.

Madeleine has been very active in psychology and sociology research at Stanford and was recently offered a position as a counselor at the university’s peer counseling centre.

After graduation in Spring 2019, Madeleine is deciding between graduate programmes in Law, Social Work or Psychology. She also hopes to gain work experience in social work, civil rights or criminal justice reform.