dart scholar Madeleine Rowell

Madeleine Rowell

2014 William A. Dart Memorial
University Scholar

Stanford University, USA
Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity

Public health, environmental sustainability, gender affairs and community service. These are all areas where Madeleine invests her time and energy.

This summer Madeleine attended classes at Stanford, working remotely in Stanford’s Social Research Lab as an assistant. She also embraces the opportunities that Stanford offers, and has served as the co-leader of Disrupting Whiteness, a campus organisation dedicated to ending racism.

As project leader for Design for America, Madeleine worked with a project team and built an interactive video guide to sexual assault resources and reporting at Stanford. She was also selected to be on the Student Government’s Executive Cabinet as head of the 2016 Title IX and Sexual Assault Task Force, and earned the Stanford Anti-Violence Educator credential.

To complement her academic success, Madeleine is a talented artist and keen photographer.

Madeleine received the Cayman Islands Government “Proud of Them” community service award after she petitioned for a national sex education curriculum in Cayman’s schools, and is a past scholar of the prestigious United World College.