dart scholar Ethan Whittaker

Ethan Whittaker

2012 Dart Scholar Alumnus
Princeton University, USA
Class of 2020

Ethan is a well-rounded young man whose academic achievements are highlighted by musical successes. Ethan plays the alto saxophone, steel pan and cello, and is an accomplished pianist.

In his freshman year at prestigious Princeton University, Ethan explored new subjects such as Japanese and psychology in addition to delving into familiar subjects such as mathematics and physics. Ethan plans to continue to explore all that Princeton has to offer and is looking forward to courses in neuroscience this fall. Ethan’s summer was spent focusing on intensive cello lessons and travelling with his family.

Previously, when a student at Cayman Prep and High School, Ethan’s A-Level results were outstanding. He received a host of awards including subject prizes in physics and mathematics as well as the Dart Award of Excellence in STEM for the highest combined grade average in STEM subjects.

In 2016 Ethan was part of a five-student team from Cayman Prep that completed in the DHL Solar Grand Challenge. The team built a low-cost solar prototype and video that resulted in their team being selected as finalists for the overseas competition in the Bahamas.