In 2015, Jade Wilkinson’s outstanding academic performance resulted in her receiving the Dart Scholar High School Scholarship. More than an accomplished student, Jade also has a passion for tennis, which led her to study at the renowned IMG Academy in Florida where she finished high school while elevating her tennis game. This experience helped her make the women’s varsity tennis team at Vassar College in New York where she started in August  2019. As a Dart Scholar, Jade has explored various work experience opportunities at Dart, which is helping her decide whether to study Maths and Statistics or International Business. Read on to learn more about Jade, her experience as a Dart Scholar and what’s next for this bright young woman. 

Stephanie Gunby, a 2016 Dart Scholar, received the William A. Dart Memorial University Scholarship. Stephanie studies marine and freshwater biology at The University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. Over the past years Stephanie’s interests, spanning geography, environmental science and marine biology, have seen her involved in a wide array of projects and this summer, she is heading to the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in St. Andrews, New Brunswick to take part in a marine biology and oceanography field course through the university. The field course is a two-week research course where students conduct both group and individual projects. Stephanie’s project is an investigation of how the size of green sea urchins affects their preference for rock size and type. Read on to learn more about Stephanie, her experience as a Dart Scholar and her upcoming course.

Diamond White, Michael Marzouca and Marcos Bertran, three local students with outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements, have earned the prestigious title of Dart Scholars for 2019.

When Matthew McTaggart became one of the first William A. Dart Memorial University Scholars in 2013, there was no doubt that he had limitless potential. Six years, three degrees and an impeccable academic record later – he has set his sights on using his knowledge to change the world we live in. Matthew’s hunger for knowledge is equal to his desire to share it, and his welcoming demeanor makes talking with him easier than one would think. Here are his thoughts on life before, during and after being a Dart Scholar – and what comes next.

The 2018 Dart Scholar Summer Enrichment trip took the high school Scholars to Ontario, Canada where they visited waste management and renewable energy facilities.

The Scholars –  Cayman Prep and High School’s Ethan Slocock and Christian Dyer; Cayman International School’s Cristin Jackson; Layman E. Scott Senior High School’s Thomas Sevik Jr., St. Ignatius Catholic School’s Diandra Whittaker and Jade Wilkinson – learned about sustainable energy, landfill redevelopment and mitigation, and waste-to-energy technologies firsthand from industry experts. 

This year’s Dart Scholars recipients set powerfully positive examples for their peers.

Not only are they exceptional students with evident aptitude and dedication to their studies, they are well-rounded and civic-minded individuals, with heads for business and appreciation for the arts and charitable causes.

Local students Charlotte Dowell, Graeme Madison, Charlotte Hodkin, and Joshua Martin have earned the prestigious title of Dart Scholar for their exceptional academic and extracurricular achievements.   

The Dart High School Scholarship provides young Caymanians with life-changing experience in the real world of work. It is a rigorous, merit-based process which focuses on academic achievement.

Ken Dart’s strong belief in the power of education was influenced by his family who long believed in the transformative power of education - both for the individual and for society in general. Dart translated this belief in the power of education into exciting programmes, initiatives and work experience – Minds Inspired; and Cayman’s pre-eminent local scholarship programme, Dart Scholar.

Jackie Doak and Julian Solomon

Dart Scholars' education outside the classroom includes innovative and exciting enrichment opportunities and work experience that many kids only dream of: