Dart launches scholarship for young Caymanian high school students

Dart Cayman Islands announced the launch of an innovative scholarship programme for high school students in the Cayman Islands at an event last evening at Camana Bay’s Discovery Centre.

Executives of Dart Cayman Islands were joined by the Honourable Minister of Education, Training & Employment, Mr. Rolston Anglin, Mrs. Mary Rodrigues, Chief Officer, Mr. Jim Lammers, Managing Director of Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd., Mr. Mark VanDevelde, Director and CEO of Dart Enterprises Ltd., Ms. Joanne Lawson, Senior Manager, Organisational Development for Dart Enterprises Ltd., Principals and Teachers from both private and public schools and members of the media. The scholarship component of the Minds Inspired programme is a four-year high school scholarship based on academic excellence with a clear focus on mathematics and science. Additionally, the programme will provide mentoring and enrichment opportunities that will further encourage, support and inspire students to achieve their full potential.

The Minds Inspired programme supports the Dart family’s philosophy of promoting education and fostering academic excellence in math and science. Joanne Lawson, Senior Manager, Organisational Development for Dart Enterprises Ltd., explains more. “Dart believes that mathematics and science are fundamental building blocks for both academic and career success and as such, we have developed a scholarship that rewards students for overall academic achievement but with specific emphasis on these two important disciplines.”

“We are proud to build on Dart’s commitment to education with the Minds Inspired programme and provide the deserving recipients with another essential tool for achieving academic success”, said Jim Lammers, Managing Director of Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd. “Studies have repeatedly shown that students who take math and science in high school are more likely to attend college, university or technical schools. Additionally, the skills that you learn in these two disciplines can be applicable down the line, even if you aren’t studying to become an engineer, accountant or biologist. Dart is pleased to help nurture the ambitious aspirations that these young people have.”

Two scholarships will be awarded each year to students entering Grade 9 (Year 10) who have excelled in math or science. Those selected will be awarded financial assistance that covers the cost of tuition, books and uniforms to the high school of their choice in the Cayman Islands for four (4) continuous years.

Equally as important as the financial support are the opportunities for the students to participate in the mentoring and enrichment components of the programme. Each Minds Inspired scholar will be paired with a mentor from Dart who will encourage academic excellence and provide them with support and direction as they progress through their high school education and prepare themselves for tertiary studies. With the transition from high school to tertiary studies, the focus of the mentoring relationship will progress to valuable career and job mentoring.

The enrichment component of the programme seeks to broaden knowledge by providing access and opportunity to math and science learning and events outside of the classroom environment. Through enrichment, scholars are given opportunities to make connections with local and international math and science organisations. These opportunities may include overseas field trips, academic competitions and events that promote learning experiences.

To further solidify their support for these students and ignite a spark for continuing education at the tertiary level, the Minds Inspired programme will establish a college fund in addition to the high school scholarship. Over the duration of the four years that the recipient is in high school and in the programme, funds will be placed in trust for the scholar and will become available to assist with their tuition costs of tertiary education.

Furthermore, the Minds Inspired programme not only recognizes the achievements of these students but also acknowledges the unwavering dedication to math and science demonstrated by their respective schools. As such, the programme is happy to announce that a grant of CI$1,000 will be awarded to the math and science departments of the recipient’s school. 

“This is a phenomenal programme for Caymanian students and I hope that Dart is inundated with applications,” said Hon. Minister of Education, Training & Employment, Rolston Anglin. “Recognizing academic excellence in math and science is extremely important as it encourages individuals to solve problems and think critically: a set of skills that informs the decisions we make throughout our lives. But it's also about something more. It's about expanding opportunity for all Caymanians in a world where education is the key to success.”

Interested applicants can apply by speaking with their school principle or by visiting www.mindsinspired.ky for details and forms. Applications will be evaluated based on academic achievement, extracurricular activities and an essay. All core academic areas will be considered in the evaluation process; however the areas of mathematics and science are more heavily weighted in the final evaluation. The deadline for submission of applications is April 13, 2012, with the first scholarships awarded prior to the start of the 2012/2013 academic year.

Dart Cayman Islands encompasses a number of businesses that operate in Grand Cayman and is also the developer of the Town of Camana Bay.