How are Dart High School Scholars chosen?

The Dart High School Scholarship provides young Caymanians with life-changing experience in the real world of work. It is a rigorous, merit-based process which focuses on academic achievement.

Since 2012, Dart has awarded two four-year high school scholarships annually based on academic excellence with a clear focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). A vigorous evaluation process – initial review of application and documentation, mathematics test and written essay, and a face-to-face interview - identifies the successful applicants.

Blind selection process

Once the application is received, a detailed evaluation is carried out using a set of agreed criteria. 

Each application is assigned a unique number, and the names of applicants are kept confidential throughout the process to eliminate any potential bias.

Application review

Candidates are scored according to grades received in core subjects for the past two years, any extracurricular activities and volunteerism.  Mathematics and science grades carry more weight in the scoring process. From this, the top 12-15 applicants are identified based on the results of their application scores. 

In-house test and essay

To supplement the application scores, the top 12-15 candidates are then invited to attend an in-house test at Dart. The test is comprised of mathematics and science questions combined with a short essay.  The essays are graded comparatively by five senior Dart employees in diverse career areas and from that, the average score is used.


The top eight-to-ten scoring candidates are invited to participate in an interview, where each will be asked the same set of questions that are scored according to a set criterion. The primary interviewer has not seen the application information. Interview notes are typed (identified by the unique number) and used in the selection process.


The Internal Nomination Committee, made up of senior Dart managers, then review the information and select the top five finalists based on their combined application score, test scores, essay and interview results.

Scholarships awarded

The Final Selection Committee, made up of both the Dart Executive and respected Caymanian professionals, then review the top five finalists and rank the five applications based on the comparative data. The two applicants – whose names are now revealed -  that receive the greatest number of top votes are awarded a scholarship.