dart scholar Stephanie Gunby

Stephanie Gunby

2016 Dart Scholar Alumnus
Guelph University, CA
Class of 2020
Marine and Freshwater Biology

Stephanie studies marine and freshwater biology at Guelph University in Ontario, Canada. Over the past years Stephanie’s interests, spanning geography, environmental science and marine science, have seen her involved in a wide array of projects. Her hands-on experience includes:
2015: assisting Dr. Guy Harvey and researchers from the Georgia Aquarium tag stingrays for her AS Marine Science class. And in the summer she travelled to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands on a photography and wildlife expedition with the National Geographic Student Expeditions, where she learned how climate change is affecting some of the islands’ indigenous species.

2016: joining the National Geographic team again, this time to study the marine and tropical ecology in Bali, Indonesia. Stephanie assisted the local research team as they assessed the health of nearby coral reefs.

2017: completing internships with the Cayman Islands Department of Environment and the Cayman Turtle Centre that give her hands-on experience and complemented her studies in Marine Biology.

In addition to being passionate about academics, Stephanie is also passionate about music and athletics, and was a member of her high school’s choir, concert band and steel pan band. Stephanie also took part in girls’ football (soccer) and was a competitor in the 2015 Professional Squash Association tournament.