dart scholar Kirsten Ebanks

Kirsten Ebanks

2014 William A. Dart Memorial
University Scholar

University College London
MSc of Research in Brain Sciences

Aspiring to a career in medical research — primarily in the fields of addiction therapy and abnormal psychology — Kirsten was invited to Northeastern to attend the University Honours Programme, where she is now in her final year of studies.

Drawn to Northeastern by its renowned co-ops, where experiential learning opportunities within select work placements are combined with classroom learning, Kirsten’s first co-op placement was with Harvard Medical School’s Department of Neurobiology in the Goodrich Lab. In July 2017, Kirsten began her second six-month co-op at XTuit Pharmaceutical, where she works with a team doing research on cancer and fibrosis.

Northeastern also enabled Kirsten to work as a Research Assistant in the Interdisciplinary Affective Science Lab, and to volunteer in Northeastern’s Enabling Engineering organisation, where students design and build tools and products to benefit those with disabilities. Kirsten's group designed a cup that patients with Parkinson’s and conditions of motor deficits would be able to use.

Outside of her studies, Kirsten is a talented musician and artist, and her goals include graduate studies and returning to Cayman and working to improve facilities and programmes for the treatment of mental illness and addiction.