dart scholar Chloe DaCosta

Chloe DaCosta

2015 Dart Scholar Alumnus
Marymount Manhattan College, USA
Class of 2019
Dance and Body Sciences | Biology

Chloe combines her interest in physical therapy and sports medicine with her passion for dance in her studies in dance and body sciences at Marymount Manhattan College in New York.

“STEM connects everything in life. The Dart scholarship allowed me to link my interests in body and health sciences to expressive movement, something no other scholarship allowed me to do.”

Chloe is intensely involved in the art of dance and the sciences and this led to her interest in rehabilitation medicine. This past summer Chloe completed an internship with a physiotherapy clinic where she combined classroom learning with clinical experience, working alongside practising professionals treating patients.

At school, Chloe’s natural leadership skills, coupled with her inclination to help others, resulted in her selection as a Cultural Peer Leader. In this role, Chloe is responsible for orientation and providing/organising ongoing support to Marymount's incoming international students.

Chloe's selection to audition with talent agencies in Orlando and New York provided her with the opportunity to participate in performance and dance training, and to gain exposure to casting directors for the film industry and Broadway-related corporations.