The value of work experience

The Dart Scholar high school and university scholarships have provided me with many opportunities over the last six years, but none more valuable than work experience. The Minds Inspired Work-X program has enabled me to explore a range of different jobs within Dart’s vast network of local companies. Through this experience I have been able to get a more informed idea for the career path that I might choose to follow in the future.

My first experience of working at Dart came in 2017 when I spent a week working on-site during the construction of The Residences at Seafire. I was able to gain on-site experience in engineering and project management working alongside experts in the field. They explained the background and process that went into the project and provided a glimpse into the day-to-day operations of construction. Although this experience was only brief and I am no longer pursuing a career in these fields, I believe this experience narrowed my focus and shaped my future plans.

The following summer I worked at the Camana Bay Sports Camp before gaining my first experience in the office in 2020, where I spent time working in the marketing department. In addition to being introduced to the 8-5 working day, I gained experience collecting and analysing data and improved my skills with software programs including Microsoft Excel.

This summer I am interning with the investment analysis team and gaining experience directly relevant to my economics major. Since starting in June, I have been exposed to real-world applications of the concepts and theories that I have learned in the classroom and have greatly improved my understanding of Cayman’s economy from working alongside experts in this field. Over the remainder of my summer internship, I hope I can continue to gain experience that will better prepare me for working in Cayman in the future.

Throughout my experiences at Dart, across various subsections of the company, I have always been given the opportunity to complete challenging and stimulating work that is of value to my team. While internships at other businesses might involve tedious and repetitive tasks, at Dart I am able to complete tasks that will prepare me for a future career, while also adding value to the business and its future vision.

Christian Dyer, who is a 2015 High School Scholar and a 2019 William A. Dart Memorial University Scholar, is studying economics at Northwestern University.


This article appears in print in the August 2021 edition of Camana Bay Times.