Dart Scholars Take On Ontario For Summer Enrichment

The 2018 Dart Scholar Summer Enrichment trip took the high school Scholars to Ontario, Canada where they visited waste management and renewable energy facilities.

The Scholars –  Cayman Prep and High School’s Ethan Slocock and Christian Dyer; Cayman International School’s Cristin Jackson; Layman E. Scott Senior High School’s Thomas Sevik Jr., St. Ignatius Catholic School’s Diandra Whittaker and Jade Wilkinson – learned about sustainable energy, landfill redevelopment and mitigation, and waste-to-energy technologies firsthand from industry experts. 

Climate change and the growing human demand for energy are among the challenges facing communities around the world. During the trip students were introduced to innovative solutions to these challenges, such as the Durham-York Energy Centre where landfill-bound waste is converted to electrical energy that powers over 10,000 homes. The facility is similar to the DECCO Consortium’s proposed Integrated Solid Waste Management System (ISWMS) facility slated for development on Grand Cayman.

The six Scholars also visited the closed and remediated Keele Valley Landfill. Once ranked as the third largest landfill in North America, today the site has a second life as a significant green space and a public park. Students had an opportunity to learn about landfill mitigation and apply those lessons to the context of Cayman Islands.

Martin Edelenbos, DECCO’s lead in the ISWMS project served as one of the two chaperones. Having previously managed Keele Valley Landfill, contributed to the design of the Peel Region Facility and as a University of Toronto Engineering graduate, Martin was the perfect guide - offering the students behind the scenes access and hands-on experience.

“It was a pleasure to introduce the Dart Scholars to the various facilities, including a recently commissioned waste to energy plant, a closed landfill and a material recovery facility, especially since waste management is currently so topical in the Cayman Islands”, Mr. Edelenbos said

For Glenda McTaggart, Manager Education Programmes at Dart Enterprises, the Summer Enrichment trip is an annual highlight. Since launching the programme in 2012, she has organised enrichment trips to the Brown and Stanford SuperCamp (USA); the CERN in Geneva, Switzerland (European Organisation for Nuclear Research); Dart Neuroscience (USA) and the Oxford Royale Academy Summer School.

“The summer enrichment trip is designed to be STEM in action and to give our scholars an interesting and engaging learning experience outside of the classroom”, said Mrs. McTaggart“. I hope our scholars are able to apply this learning to Cayman’s environmental challenges.”  

The trip also included visits to the Ontario Science Centre and Royal Ontario Museum as well as sightseeing at Niagara Falls, Toronto Island and Wonderland, Canada’s largest amusement park. The group activities and travel offered an opportunity to explore different cultures and develop friendships with their fellow Scholars.

“Experiencing downtown Toronto was something quite special coming from such a small island”, said Ethan Slocock.