It is as if the seeds Dart planted 10 years ago bore magnificent fruit.

Dart's scholarship programme celebrated its 10th anniversary this year with the graduation of five of its university scholars — four with the top academic honours offered by the university they attended.

The Dart Scholar high school and university scholarships have provided me with many opportunities over the last six years, but none more valuable than work experience. The Minds Inspired Work-X program has enabled me to explore a range of different jobs within Dart’s vast network of local companies. Through this experience I have been able to get a more informed idea for the career path that I might choose to follow in the future.

This year’s high school Dart Scholars are Jade Robinson of St. Ignatius High School and Nathan Alston of Cayman Prep and High School.

Aspiring mathematician recognised for academic achievement and community commitment.

12 July 2021 – Aiden Watler is the 2021 recipient of the William A. Dart Memorial University Scholarship. A graduate of Cayman Prep & High School, Watler is pursuing a degree in mathematics at University of California, Berkeley.

Anja van Genderen, a 2015 Dart High School Scholar and 2018 William A. Dart Memorial University Scholar, will graduate this summer from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland with a degree in biological science. During her university studies, she participated in the student exchange programme and spent a year at Uppsala University in Sweden.

By Diamond White

My experiences with SeaPerch, the underwater robotics programme, began in Year 7 and became a big part of my life and high school experience.

By Graeme Madison

As a 2018 Dart High School Scholar and a three-time Minds Inspired Maths Challenge winner, I am drawn to and enjoy mathematics.

By Johnathon Bedasse

The past year has been an extraordinarily tumultuous ride, with all of us having to make significant changes to our lifestyles to fit COVID-19 restrictions.

College students are no exception to these adjustments, including myself. I’m a Dart Scholar attending my first year of Columbia University from the campus of my bedroom, the George Town Public Library and occasionally, a study spot in Camana Bay for some fresh air.

By Joshua Martin

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of everyone around the world, including those of us in medical and dental schools. I’m currently in my third year of dental school at King’s College London in the United Kingdom — where all colleges and universities have moved to remote learning except for students on clinical courses, to allow future critical workers like myself to continue studying.

By Dominic Dyer

Every month, the Camana Bay Times invites a Dart Scholar to write about a topic of their choice to invite the community to learn more about their experiences and interests. Read on to hear from Dominic Dyer, a 2017 William A. Dart Memorial University Scholar, as he shares his thoughts on renewable energy in the Cayman Islands.